Adler, Frédéric Guillaume Bassoons

There are 5 original Frédéric Guillaume Adler (d.1854) bassoons the Hichwa-Rachor database. He flourished in Paris from c.1808 to his death in 1854. He was a very important Parisian woodwind maker in the first half of the 19th Century. According to Constant and Fétis, he improved the bassoon by adding keys as well as other improvements such as rounded tone hole surfaces. In 1845, Adler was involved in a dispute with Adolphe Sax. AdlerFG5 is interesting in that the wing and long joint are reversed.

Frédéric Guillaume Adler Literature

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Adler, Frédéric Guillaume, 8 key bassoon; AdlerFG1-O-BrusMIMDK0018

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Adler, Frédéric Guillaume, 8 key bassoon; AdlerFG2-O-Koster

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Adler, Frédéric Guillaume, 10 key bassoon; AdlerFG3-O-Reil

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Adler, Frédéric Guillaume, 13 key bassoon; AdlerFG4-O-Kampmann812

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Adler, Frédéric Guillaume, 13 key bassoon; AdlerFG5-O-Peebles

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