Savary jeune Bassoons

There are 9 original Jean Nicolas Savary dit jeune (1786-1853) bassoons in the Hichwa-Rachor database. (Savary jeune dates according to research by Agnès Unterberger and David Rachor.) He flourished in Paris from c.1816/17 to his death in 1853 (dates according to Waterhouse). He is the son of Jean Baptiste Savary dit père, and was not only an instrument maker but also a talented bassoonist; in 1808, he was awarded the first prize in bassoon at the Paris Conservatorie and was a bassoonist in the Théâtre des Italiens. Unlike most 19th Century bassoons, Savary jeune dated his instruments. He was called the “Stradivari of the bassoon,” and his bassoons were played in France and England into the early 20th Century.

Jean Nicolas Savary jeune Literature

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Savary jeune, 8 key bassoon; Savaryjeune1-O-PrivateCollection

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Savary jeune, 18 key bassoon; Savaryjeune2-O-Cronin

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Savary jeune, 11 key bassoon; Savaryjeune3-O-Peebles

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Savary jeune, 11 key bassoon; Savaryjeune4-O-NMM2418

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Savary jeune, 10 key bassoon; Savaryjeune5-O-PhoenixMIM2020.42.5.1

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Savary jeune, 10 key bassoon; Savaryjeune6-O-Sigal2002.92

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Savary jeune, 12 key bassoon; Savaryjeune7-O-Kopp

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Savary jeune, 6 key bassoon; Savaryjeune8-O-Kopp

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Savary jeune, 7 key bassoon; Savaryjeune9-O-Helgesen

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