Tuerlinckx, Jean Arnold Antoine Bassoons

There are 5 Jean Arnold Antoine Tuerlinckx (Aerschot 22 Nov. 1753-Malines 19 Dec. 1827) bassoons in the Hichwa-Rachor database. Tuerlinckx flourished in Malines [Mechelen, Belgium] from 1782 to 1827. Closson in La Facture des Instruments de Musique en Belgique, 1935, notes that Tuerlinckx made all the wind instruments including bassons russes and serpents. He produced a great many instruments of which many were made for the military. The firm was continued by his son Corneille Jean Joseph Tuerlinckx (1783-1855). Corneille, an instrument maker and composer, played the bassoon in the local Harmonie [band] called Société Philharmonique. In the Registre des Comptes de la maison of the Tuerlinckx firm, published in Les Tuerlinckx by Raymond van Aerde, Godenne, Malines, 1914, pp. 162-182, one can easily see that  though their commerce depended mostly on the clarinet and flute, a great many bassoons were made. The firmed ceased activity c.1840.

Jean Arnold Antoine Tuerlinckx Literature

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Tuerlinckx, Jean, 7 key bassoon; Tuerlinckx1-O-BrusMIM2622

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