DeBruijn, S. Bassoon

There is 1 S. DeBruijn bassoon in the Hichwa-Rachor database. Very little is known of Bruijn except what that can be deduced from this bassoon. This “left-handed” (wing and long joint are reversed) DeBruijn bassoon in the Brussels MIM is the only known instrument.

S. DeBruijn Literature

Mahillon, Victor-Charles. Catalogue Descriptif et Analytique du Musée  Instrumental…, Deuxième volume, Deuxième Édition 1909, Bruxelles, Les Amis de la Musique, 1978, p. 268.
[Mahillon says that this bassoon was for a left-handed bassoonist. The fact that the bassoon has a swallowtail F key supports this]

Jansen, Will. The Bassoon: Its History, Construction, Makers, Players and Music. Frits Knuf, 1978 Vol. 1, p. 344.

DeBruijn, G, 4 key bassoon; DeBruijn1-O-BrusMIM997

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