Lahou Bassoon

There is 1 original Lahou bassoon the Hichwa-Rachor database. According to Waterhouse he flourished from a1829 to p1846 in Lille, France. Very little is known about this maker; known information is from his stamp. He is also known to have made clarinets.

Lahou Literature

Langwill, Lyndesay. An Index of Musical wind Instrument Makers. 6th ed., 1980.

Waterhouse, William. The New Langwill Index. Tony Bingham, 1993.

Lahou, 8 key bassoon; Lahou1-O-Saelemaekers

Lahou1-O-Saelemaekers General Information

Lahou1-O-Saelemaekers Data Spreadsheet

Lahou1-O-Saelemaekers Photos