Gallery of Historical Instrument Prints, Gravure and Paintings

Frédéric Bouchot (1798-1860); Duo Lamentable from Les Bonnes Têtes Musicales Originally published in Le Charivari, Paris, 1846


Gentile Bellini; detail from the Procession of the Cross in St. Mark’s Square, 1496

Görlitzer Schützen Reed 1660 .jpg

A bass pommer player; detail from Görlitzer Schützen, 1660


Der Fagott Spieler.jpg

Harmen Hals (1611-1669) Der Fagott Spieler; attribution disputed


Alsoot Dulcian Image.jpg




Rops, Félicien (1833-1898)

Félicien Rops (1833-1898) Le Bassoniste


Navel officer with basn by J K Roberts.png

J. K. Roberts Naval officer with bassoon


German 18th Century Hautboisen

German 18th Century Infantry Hautboisten


Detail from Lutherie, Diderot Encyclopédie; Note bassoon on back wall, right