Grundmann, Jakob Bassoons

There are 2 Jakob Grundmann (1727-1800) bassoons in the Hichwa-Rachor database. He flurished in Dresden from 1753 to his death in 1800. He did his apprentenship with Johann Poerschmann in Leipzig, and trained Johann Floth who took over the workshop at Grundmann’s death in 1800. According to Schilling in 1835, “high prices were willingly paid especially for his oboes, clarinets, and bassoons, which on account of their unusually fine tone and response ranked as the best of their time.”

Jakob Grundmann Literature

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Grundmann, Jakob, 7 key bassoon; Grundmann1-O-Waterhouse

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Grundmann, Jakob, 6 key bassoon; Grundmann2-O-Freiberg

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