Photo Gallery of Instrument Makers, Researchers, Players, and Instruments

Buffet-Crampon metal contra bassoon

Buffet-Crampon metal contra bassoon, Paris, March 2022


Marten Postma

Marten Postma, saxophone collector and repairman, playing his reconstruction of an Adolphe Sax 1st generation saxophone, March 2022


Sylvain Sérougne

Sylvain Sérougne, instrument repairman, holding Couesnon Eb bass Sarrusophone, Paris, March 2022


Bassoons at the Brussels MIM

Bassoons examined at the Brussels MIM, March 2022


Thomas Reil, instrument repairman and collector, playing an early 20th Century Kohlert bassoon, March 2022


Gayle & Phil Neuman

Gayle & Phil Neuman, historical instrument makers, at their studio near Portland, Oregon, March 2018


Jim Kopp, Joel Robinson

Joel Robinson (left), historical instrument maker, with Jim Kopp, Portland, Oregon, March 2018

Martin Praetorius

Martin Praetorius, historical instrument maker, Celle, Germany, May 2018

Sabine Hasse-Moeck, Volker Kernbach

Volker Kernbach (left), historical reed maker, and Sabine Hasse-Moeck, of Moeck Recorders, Celle, Germany, May 2018


David Rachor conducting research in hazmat suit at the Landesmuseum Württenberg, Stuttgart, June 2019


Dr. Bryant Hichwa, physicist and author of the computer programs for this website, at the MET in New York, 2009


Ricardo Döringer, bassoonist, reed maker and conductor, in his office in Munich, Germany, 2000


Olivier Cottet with cat, France, June 2018


Charles Koster, period bassoonist

Charles Koster, period bassoonist, at his studio in San Gabriel, California, November 2018


Ricardo Rapoport in 1996

Ricardo Rapoport in Angoulême, France, 1996


Josep Borràs at Kloster Michaelstein Bassoon Conference, Germany, October 2015


Jim Kopp, Roger Birnstingl, & David Rachor at the Waterhouse library, UK, 2012


Thomas Donati and Jean-Marie Heinrich in the Donati Cane Field, France, June 2018


Peter Wolf, Kronach, August 2016

Peter Wolf, David Rachor at Guntram Wolf Bassoon Workshop, Kronach, Germany, August 2016


Marc Echochard in his studio in Tonne, France, 2000


Walter Bassetto, Sebastian Werr, Lyndon Watts, at Bassetto Workshop, Frauenfeld, Switzerland, 2011

Walter Bassetto, Sebastian Werr, Lyndon Watts, at the Bassetto Workshop, Frauenfeld, Switzerland, 2011


Mathew Dart in his workshop in London, UK, 2000


Lolo Verjat 2000

Laurent Verjat in his workshop near Troyes, France, 2000


Dr. Gunther Joppig at Kloster Michaelstein Bassoon Conference, Germany, October 2015


Henk de Wit, Netherlands, 2006


heHenk de Wit collection in 1999

The Henk de Wit bassoon collection before its dispersion, 1999


Hans Mons playing his quart bass dulcian, Belgium, 2009


Toru Sonoda, bagpiper maker, at his workshop in Wartenberg, Germany, 2016


Petr Číp, Czech woodwind maker, in his home near Valašske Meziríči, Czech Republic, 2016


Rainer Weber at his home in Bayerbach, Bavaria, Germany, 2012


Rufus Acosta, historical woodwind maker, at Indiana Early Double Reed Workshop, USA, 2013


Herbert Myers at his studio at Stanford University, USA, 2013


Hugh Cooper in c.1985

Hugh Cooper in his studio at the University of Michigan, c.1985


Andrew Lamb, curator of Bate Collection, Oxford, UK, 2012