HKI.C.W. Bassoon

There is 1 original HKI.C.W. bassoon in the Hichwa-Rachor database. Nothing is known about this maker. This bassoon and an oboe are the only instruments with this stamp.

HKI.CW. Literature

Literature: Dart, Mathew. The Baroque Bassoon: form, construction, acoustics, and playing qualities. PhD thesis, London  Metropolitan University, 2011. pp. 89-92.

Young, Phillip. Loan Exhibition of Historic Double Reed Instruments. August 1988, p. 56.

HKI.C.W., 3 key bassoon; HKI.C.W.1-O-Waterhouse

HKI.C.W.1-O-Waterhouse General Information

HKI.C.W.1-O-Waterhouse Data Spreadsheet

HKI.C.W.1-O-Waterhouse Photos