Photo Gallery Dedicated to William Waterhouse

William Waterhouse (1931-2007), known to all as Bill, was an important British bassoon performer, and researcher. He was dedicated to the advancement of knowledge of the bassoon like no other and also I might add, as eccentric as no other. I had the pleasure of knowing Bill for about the last dozen or so years of his life and I hope that the photos of him given here, all personally taken, show him as he was.

To view more photos of William Waterhouse see The Double Reed, compiled by Ronald Klimko, International Double Reed Society, 2012, Vol. 35, No. 1, p. 120-123.

Bill in London, Nov. 1995

Bill Waterhouse on his motorcycle in front of his London home, 1995


Bill and Tony in Nov. 1995

Bill with Tony Bingham at Tony’s London shop, 1995


Bill Waterhouse 1995

Bill playing playing a bassoon-like instrument at his London home, 1995


William Waterhouse

Bill in Milan, Italy, 2005


Bill Waterhous in 2006

Bill hard at work in his beloved library at home in the Cotswolds near Cheltenham, UK, 2006

Renato Meucci and Bill Waterhouse

Renato Meucci and Bill in Italy, 2005



bill waterhouse with marc echochard

Bill with Marc Echochard in Angoulême, France, c.1998


Bill Waterhouse in 1999

Bill giving a lecture at the Bate Collection, Oxford, UK, 1999