Savary père Bassoons

There are 8 Jean Baptiste Savary dit père (1750-1828) bassoons in the Hichwa-Rachor database. (According to research by Agnès Unterberger and David Rachor, his middle name is Baptiste and not Nicolas like his son.)  He flourished in Paris from a1798 till his death in 1828 (dates according to Waterhouse). He is the father of the important Parisian woodwind maker Jean Nicolas Savary dit jeune. He started his activities in Paris c.1798 (l’an VII) and lived in the 6th arrondissement, where many important wind instrument makers lived.

Jean Baptiste Savary père Literature

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Savary père, 6 key bassoon; Savarypère1-O-Renard

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Savary père, 7 key bassoon; Savarypère2-O-Rapoport

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Savary père, 11 key bassoon; Savarypère3-O-Waterhouse

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Savary père, 9 key bassoon; Savarypère4-O-BrusMIM3120

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Savary père, 9 key bassoon; Savarypère5-O-Koster

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Savary père, 7 key bassoon; Savarypère6-O-Sigal

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Savary père, 8 key bassoon; Savarypère7-O-Kopp

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Savary père, 7 key bassoon; Savarypère8-O-Helgesen

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