Bizey, Charles Bassoons

There is 1 original bassoon of Charles Bizey and 1 copy based on a Charles Bizey bassoon in the Hichwa-Rachor database. He flourished
in Paris from 1716 to p.1752 and is the first in a line of Parisian bassoon makers which includes Prudent, Porthaux, and Winnen.

Charles Bizey Literature

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Bizey, Charles, 4 key bassoon; Bizey1-O-Papaserio(Vergat)

Bizey1-O-Papasergio(Vergat) General Information

Bizey1-O-Papasergio(Vergat) Data Spreadsheet

Bizey1-O-Papasergio(Vergat) Photos

Bizey, Charles, Copy, 4 key bassoon; Bizey-C-Cottet1-Rachor-Wg392 & Wg404

Bizey-C-Cottet1-Rachor General Information

Bizey-C-Cottet1-Rachor-Wg392 Data Spreadsheet

Bizey-C-Cottet1-Rachor-Wg404 Data Spreadsheet

Bizey-C-Cottet1-Rachor Photos