Dupré, Pierre Paul Bassoon

There is 1 Pierre Paul Dupré (28 September 1790-12 October 1862) bassoon in the Hichwa-Rachor database. He flourished in Tournai (Tournay) Belgium [85km southwest of Brussels] from a1820 to p1850. Dupré was a maker of woodwinds and his instruments were exhibited in several trade fairs (see Haine 1992). Ernest Closson called him “le Tuerlinckx tournaisien” [“The Tuerlinckx of Tourni”]. The bassoon, Dupré1-O-BrusMIM2626, resembles bassoons of Savary jeune in appearance, particularly the bell and key work.

Pierre Paul Dupré Literature

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Dupré, Pierre Paul, 8 key bassoon; Dupré1-O-BrusMIM2626

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