Kraus, J. Bassoons

There are 2 J. Kraus bassoons in the Hichwa-Rachor database. Very little is known of this maker, but it is thought that he worked in Germany in the second half of the 18th Century. On his maker stamp there is an “I”, which could be an abbreviation for Johann that was common at that time.

J. Kraus Literature

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Kraus, J., 4 key bassoon; Kraus1-O-Stuttgart1991.452

Kraus1-O-Stuttgart1991.452 General Information

Kraus1-O-Stuttgart1991.452 Data Spreadsheet

Kraus1-O-Stuttgart1991.452 Photos

Kraus, J., 4 key bassoon; Kraus2-O-GNMNürnbergMI373

Kraus2-O-GNMNürnbergMI373 General Information

Kraus2-O-GNMNürnbergMI373 Data Spreadsheet

Kraus2-O-GNMNürnbergMI373 Photos