Dondeine Bassoons

There is 1 original Dondeine bassoon and 1 copy based on a Dondeine bassoon in the Hichwa-Rachor database. Very little is known about this maker; there are no other instruments by Dondeine except the 1 bassoon in the Bate Collection. It is speculated that he flourished in France in the early 19th Century.

Dondeine Literature 

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Dondeine, 5 key bassoon; Dondeine-C-Cottet1-Rapoport

Dondeine-C-Cottet1-Rapoport General Information

Dondeine-C-Cottet1-Rapoport Data Spreadsheet

Dondeine-C-Cottet1-Rapoport Photos

Dondeine, 4 key bassoon; Dondeine1-O-Bate

Dondeine1-O-Bate General Information

Dondeine1-O-Bate Data Spreadsheet

Dondeine1-O-Bate Photos